Thursday, November 6, 2014

Raleigh, you say?

Yes, it's official. I am now living in the "Oak City" or otherwise known as Raleigh. I was hired full-time from my internship in Virginia and asked to make the move. Naturally, I was excited for a change. As a child, I had always moved, so it was almost expected that I would go somewhere new after college. Although I never really researched North Carolina as a destination - I ended up here and absolutely love it (only two months later). So you all may be interested in what I've been up to...since not are some of my Raleigh highlights so far.

1. The Greenway

I've always loved being outside, so of course I was PUMPED when I found out that our apartment was less than a mile from one of the entrances to the Raleigh Greenway. Since Zach and I got our bikes tuned-up, we have been going on a lot more bikes rides.

2. All the breweries...and coffee.

On top of all Raleigh's other wonderful nicknames, some people call Raleigh the "Hop City". There is a brewery on almost every corner (okay, not that many, but you get it). Anyway, Zach and I have really enjoyed that we can get a local craft beer almost anywhere in the city. Not only that, the coffee is amazing - there a roasters all over the city - Counter Culture over in Durham and Raleigh Coffee Company in Raleigh. One of my favorite coffee shops is Jubala Coffee in north Raleigh.

3. North Carolina Museum of Art

Another one of my favorite spots in Raleigh is the North Carolina Museum of Art. The exhibits are amazing- but the best part is the outdoor sculpture park and amphitheater, where we recently saw Wilco play. We can even ride our bikes all the way there on the Greenway!

4. My Own Apartment

Last but not least, I am really loving having my own place. After living in a dorm for three years and a basement for the past six months, nothing is better than having my own space. I can now sit on the couch after work (I don't think I have done this since high school) and watch non-stop episodes of Portalandia with no judgement. We've started with some decor, which is why I chose this photo, but we still have a long way to go and lots of DIY projects to come!

Has anyone been to Raleigh? What are you favorite places to visit?

This weekend is First Friday in Raleigh, so I think we are going to check that out downtown!