Sunday, March 9, 2014

High tea on High Street Kinsington

So, since I was WAY behind on blogging while I was abroad, I'm going to go back and reflect on the places I visited while I was in Spain. My first trip was to London. 

One of my favorite places I visited while I was abroad was London. Yes, I know, it's not very eclectic compared to Morocco or something. But, I went with my sister who was also in Spain, and we decided to focus on going to the cute local spots instead of the big touristy ones which we had already visited anyway so it made it different than your average London trip to see Big Ben or the Eye of London (which are extremely cool too).

My favorite area was definitely High Street Kinsington. I could live there and drink high tea everyday. We found a TINY place called Candela's and it was perfect for an afternoon tea and scones!

My sister at Candela's, bring on the clotted cream!

Tea sandwiches (cucumber feta & mint, smoked salmon & cream cheese with dill and lemon), scones, clotted cream, and lemon curd...

A few of my other favorite parts of London:

Okay, who can't say they don't love Harrod's. Especially during Christmas time. 

Surprise! Opening of JCrew in London on Regent's Street. 

Annnnd... this one is obvious. Izzy's off to Hogwart's! (She was Slytherine, I was Gryffindor) 

Victoria & Albert Museum. Must go in London! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Current Obsessions: March Edition

Here are a few things that I'm currently obsessing over the past few weeks.

1. Smart Barre! 

It's an amazing workout if you're not big weight lifting. I'm a runner, so I always get way too much cardio compared to weight lifting.

2. Green Smoothies- actually, I'm addicted. 

Maybe they are always the HEALTHIEST...I made one the other day with chocolate peanut butter in it...definitely recommend it if you are giving up desserts for lent ;)

3. Paperless Post

Okay, if anyone is as in love with cards as I am, they will also be obsessed with Paperless Post. An eco-friendly way to send super cute cards. 

4. Chemex

I just got one for my birthday this year and can't go back. Even a French Press doesn't do the trick. Sidenote: Has anyone tried MADCAP coffee? The Ardi blend is my favorite. 

5. The Levo League

Great advice for young women professionals on interviewing, networking, powerful women to follow, etc. There is also job listings and Local Levo where you can connect with other women in your area! 

Check out their March Check List to know what things are going on this month!

Images: Google & Personal (Chemex)