Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Roanoke - The Star City of the South

A lot has happened between now and my last post. Sorry, guys. I guess life just gets kind of crazy sometimes. The good thing is I have a lot to report on since I've been away! 

Last month, right after my birthday, Zach and I went to Roanoke to visit his family. We always love going back to be able to see his family and go to all of our favorite spots. If you haven't been, Roanoke really is a special place and even though it's a smaller city, you'd be surprised at how much there actually is when you really take the time to explore! 

Well, this happened. We got hit by a huge snow storm on Saturday, but that didn't stop our adventures!

1. Sweet Donkey Coffee - This coffee house opened about two years ago now in an old house in the South Roanoke neighborhood. They serve Counter Culture Coffee (yay, Durham!) and pastries from local bakeries around Roanoke. Definitely a good spot to check out if you visit Roanoke - you can sit outside on the porch in the summertime or by the fireplace in the winter.

2. Appalachia Press - This is probably one of my all-time favorite shops in Roanoke. It's a hidden gem right next to the Taubman Art Museum. I am obsessed with cards and stationary, and Appalachia Press is the best place in the Roanoke Valley to find handmade cards. John (the owner) uses a traditional letterpress and old stamps, art, etc to create these amazing cards. Not only do they have beautiful hand-crafted cards, but also a huge collection of vintage art-deco'ish jewelery. It's only open on Saturdays - so make sure to make a stop here next time you're in town.  

3. Local Roots - The cutest neighborhood bar/restaurant right in the heart of the Grandin Village of Roanoke. This is a definite must visit while you're in Roanoke. All of the ingredients they use come from local farms around Roanoke and they only serve what is in season, so their menu changes frequently. They also have beer and wine clubs where you can get discounted prices on drinks and invitations to special events at the restaurant. Since we were there during a snow day, naturally we had to make the trek down (or have Zach's dad drive us since he had four wheel drive) for their snow day specials. 


There's my a few of my favorites in Roanoke. There's so many more - which I'm sure I'll post about sometime soon! Especially now that spring is FINALLY here and we can go explore the outdoors this summer!

Roanoke friends, what are your favorite places to go to in the city? 

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