Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Touring the Triangle: Trophy Brewing Company

Before Zach and I officially moved to Raleigh, we came down to visit a few times to look at apartments and explore the city. One of the apartments we looked at is located just outside of Cameron Village, which is a cute college area (right next to NC State) with a lot of boutiques and local restaurants. Although the apartment didn't end up working out for us, we did find one of our favorite spots for pizza and beer in Raleigh, Trophy Brewing Company! 

Entrance to Trophy.

Trophy's outside patio seating.

Trophy's outdoor/indoor seating area.

Located right next to a laundromat, Trophy is definitely a "diamond in the rough" and always packed. It is super tiny restaurant (no idea how they fit a kitchen in there), with a large patio that they recently added due to the high volume of people I'm sure. It is probably one of the most popular spots in Raleigh for pizza and beer, but it has more of a sentimental value for us since it was one of the first places that made us fall in love with our new city!

Zach's beer which was a Trophy/Quest collaboration of a Smoked Peach Saison.

Trophy is known for their interesting beers (Milky Way....Peanut Butter & Banana) that they rotate pretty often since it's a nano-brewery, meaning they make smaller batches. But, they usually always keep a few classics on draft, like my favorite Best In Show which is a citra saison. 

(Photo Missing Here of Delicious Pizza) 

Unfortunately, when Zach and I got a table they had JUST run out of pizza. Our luck, right? So I wasn't able to capture the deliciousness in a photograph. Although, that probably preaches how good the pizza is that they actually ran out of pizza.  

After they told us they ran out of pizza...this is my "Stop taking photos of me, I'm hangry" face.

The death of beer #1. Zach wanted me to share this photo because he said "This will be a funny experience to post on your blog!". Obviously at the time, I didn't think it was funny when I broke my beer glass and spilled beer all over me...but looking back...wait no, it still sucked.

If you're visiting Raleigh, I definitely recommend checking this gem out. I'm sure it's not like any neighborhood pizza joint that you've ever been to! 

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  1. HAHAH. 1. Cutest hangry face ever. 2. Yeah that does still suck.