Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday Tunes - February 3, 2015

It's Tuesday, guys. You made it past the first two (long) days of the week! But, I know we could all use some good music to get us through the rest of the week. Grab a glass of red wine (we all deserve it) and check out my favorites of the week.

1. "And When it Rains" - The River Pilots

I may be partial, but I promise you'll fall in love with the music. For all of you who don't know, this is my boyfriend's recent music project. It's an acoustic americana duo with some added instrumentals to the mix. They posted one of the songs from their new album on their website today and trust me, it's worth a listen. Keep an eye out for the release of their first album on February 10th on iTunes, Amazon, or on their website! Tune in tonight at 9pm EST on Roanoke's 101.9 The Music Place for the new song!

2. "Black Sun" - Death Cab for Cutie

I think my love affair for Death Cab started back in early middle school. Zach makes fun of me saying that Ben Gibbard is my celeb crush (probably true). Ever since, I've never been disappointed in their music. Anyway, they are coming out with a new album next month and they just released their single "Black Sun" a couple days ago which has definitely been on my top listens for the week.

3. "American Beauty" - Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors

Short and sweet, this song definitely made the tops for my week. I love the acoustics and simplicity. If you like this song, you'll definitely enjoy the rest of his new album "Medicine". Sidenote: he's a also friend of a friend, so check him out! 

4. "Make You Better" - The Decemberists

They're back! I have always loved The Decemberists, but it seems like they've been on hiatus for three years. They just released their new album in February and I'm loving it, especially this song. It's a fun, upbeat, indie jam for all you hipsters out there. You can't help but sing along.

5. "Wherever Is Your Heart" - Brandi Carlile

You have all probably heard her hit "The Story" (all you Grey's Anatomy fans out there). If you haven't, she is sort of a soulful/folk mix and has very interesting beautiful voice. She's been a favorite of mine for a while now and has a new album coming out next month. Also, if she's on tour near you, go. She puts on a great show and is just as good live as on CD.

Hope you all enjoy tonights Tuesday Tunes! Are there any songs you've had on repeat this week that I didn't mention? I love sharing music with friends so send me your favorites!

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